Cyber Florida is pleased to announce the launch of Cybersecurity for Executives, a workshop series to help C-suite executives and board members better understand the cybersecurity threats facing their organizations and their role in managing those threats. The first event offered in the series will be Cybersecurity for the C-Suite, a two-day, in-person workshop intended for senior, non-technical executives such as CEOs, COOs, CFOs, and CMOs scheduled for early 2022 (dates TBD). The workshop is $3,995 per person and includes meals, training materials, and a unique interactive executive wargame exercise based on real-world cyber incidents.

Cybersecurity for the C-Suite helps non-technical leaders gain a better understanding of the role they play in supporting the cyber health of the organization and in responding to cyber incidents. Participants learn about the threats facing their organization, why it’s important to consider cybersecurity across the organization, and how to prepare a cyber incident response that maintains business operations and preserves the organization’s reputation. The workshop covers several critical topic areas, including

  • Types of Attacks
  • The Frontline: Employees & Social Engineering
  • Legal Responsibilities
  • Cyber Insurance
  • Cyber Incident Response Planning
  • Cybersecurity Risk Management
  • Incident Recovery & Resiliency
  • Governance for Cyber Preparedness

Each module is taught by a seasoned expert invited from Cyber Florida’s prolific network of public and private sector cybersecurity thought leaders. In addition to Cyber Florida Executive Director and former Director of US National Intelligence Mike McConnell, the program’s faculty roster includes John Felker, former Assistant Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s Integrated Operations Division; Christopher Hetner, Expert Advisor, Institute for Defense Analyses, US Department of the Treasury; Joe Swanson, Chair, Cybersecurity and Privacy Practice Group, Carlton Fields; Pam Lindemoen, Chief Information Security Officer Advisor, Cisco Systems, Inc.; Adam Isles, Principal, The Chertoff Group; and many more distinguished leaders in the field.