Serge Jorgensen

Founding Partner and Chief Technology Officer

Sylint Group

Serge Jorgensen is a founding partner and Chief Technology Officer in the Sylint Group, and provides technical development and guidance in the areas of Computer Security, Counter Cyber-Warfare, System Design and Incident Response. Sylint is comprised of ex-intelligence agency, military, law enforcement and industry experts, and is 1 of 10 companies accredited by the NSA for incident response and 1 of 12 approved by the Card Brands as a Payment Card Forensic Investigator. As such, Sylint routinely responds to nation-state and organized crime attacks against critical infrastructure, defense industrial base, manufacturing, and healthcare environments.

Mr. Jorgensen has patented engineering and math-related solutions for proprietary secure, low-bandwidth data transmission techniques and methodologies. Since co-founding Sylint, Mr. Jorgensen has directed development of DNA tracking applications, provided response and remediation guidance to multi-billion dollar international companies defending against espionage and cyber-security attacks, and directed, tasked and managed multi-million dollar litigation, forensic and electronic discovery efforts. Mr. Jorgensen works closely with various government agencies in tasking, analysis and managing Information Security needs to safeguard critical infrastructure of U.S. manufacturing processes. He has briefed the FBI, Special Operations Command (SOCOM) and other government organizations, as well as presented at RSA and other international security conferences.