Photo of Mike MicConnell

A message from Cyber Florida Executive Director and former Director of U.S. National Intelligence Mike McConnell:

Fellow citizens: As we watch historic events unfold in Ukraine, I am reminded of Russia’s illegal actions as far back as 2017, when their cyberattack on Ukraine triggered some ‘spillover’ disruptions in cyberspace. While there may be some spillover effects in this instance, our very best assessment is that they will be limited to Ukraine and its immediate environs. Nevertheless, we must all remain vigilant during this time of heightened tension, ensuring that our personal and organizational devices and software are updated and patched, and that we’re all on the lookout for suspicious emails and other malicious attempts to exploit our Nation’s digital dependence. And in that regard, I can assure you that our military, government, and industry cybersecurity personnel are vigilant as always, poised to respond quickly and forcefully to any and all cyber incidents that may affect us. They are up to that task, and we should be thankful for them. In the meantime, our prayers and support are with the Ukrainian people.