Join Cyber Florida’s own Staff Director Dr. Ron Sanders and the National Academy of Public Administration on April 5th for the Expanding the Cybersecurity Workforce: A National Imperative forum.

At least a half-million cybersecurity positions in the U.S. are unfilled. Demand for cyber professionals continues to outstrip the supply, and closing that gap is now a national imperative.  As a result, it is a priority of the Biden Administration, Congress, and the new National Cybersecurity Director Chris Inglis, who has been invited to provide remarks at the forum.

This event will focus on ways to close the gap on the current shortage of cybersecurity professionals, focusing on non-traditional approaches to training, educating, developing, and ultimately expanding the cyber talent pipeline, as well as other alternatives that can be implemented.

This event will include a panel discussion moderated by Dr. Sanders, Staff Director for the Florida Center for Cybersecurity and Academy Fellow. Panelists include:

  • Dr. Alissa Abdullah, Deputy CSO and Senior Vice President of Emerging Corporate Security Solutions, Mastercard
  • Dr. Diana Burley, Vice Provost for Research from American University and a leading cyber workforce educator
  • Dr. Tony Coulson, Executive Director and Professor, California State University at San Bernardino; Director of the CAE Community in Cyber Defense Education
  • Dr. Costis Toregas, Director of the Cybersecurity and Privacy Research Institute, George Washington University; Academy Fellow