Join Cyber Florida Staff Director Dr. Ron Sanders for part one of this four-part virtual series to hear from leading experts and gain insights on history, military strategy and intelligence, finance and the economy, cybersecurity, and the diplomatic and humanitarian crisis.

Featuring Keynote Speaker:

  • Gen. Philip Breedlove, USAF Ret., Supreme Allied Commander Europe

Experts Roundtable:

  • Maj. General, Scott Gray, USAF, Ret. (Moderator)
  • Lt. General, David Deptula, USAF, Ret.
  • Dr. Ron Sanders, Staff Director, Florida Center for Cyber Security
  • Serge Jorgensen, Founding Partner and CTO, Sylint
  • Luke Bencie, Managing Dir., Security Management International

Special Guest:

  • Dr. Golfo Alexopoulos, Professor and Director of USF Institute on Russia