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Florida Ransomware Incidents 2016-2019


Prepared by University of South Florida graduate students, this report provides an in-depth analysis of 18 high-profile ransomware incidents targeting Florida public sector entities between 2016-2019. This technical analysis reviews the targets, suspected perpetrators, and tactics used to conduct the attacks. The information gathered is useful for ransomware researchers and security analysts looking for patterns and commonalities among targets and tactics to aid in preventing future attacks.

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Cybersecurity: Are Florida’s Governments Ready?


In 2019, Cyber Florida in partnership with the Florida League of Cities, the Florida Local Government Information Systems Association, and others conducted a survey of county and municipal IT managers to determine how prepared they feel they are to respond to and recover from a cyberattack and what the chief obstacles are to become better prepared and more resilient. The outcome was shared with local and state government leaders to help inform decision-making, budgeting, and future legislative initiatives.

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The State of Cybersecurity in Florida 2017


The Florida Center for Cybersecurity is proud to share The State of Cybersecurity in Florida report. The Center contracted with Gartner to conduct the study and document their findings in The State of Cybersecurity in Florida, a report that comprehensively reviews the state’s cyber threat environment, workforce supply and demand, education and training opportunities, and research initiatives. The report also examines the cyber readiness of Florida’s businesses, agencies, and organizations in 12 critical areas against industry standards as well as national averages. We hope the data and insights presented in The State of Cybersecurity in Florida will be a valuable resource for policymakers and stakeholders as we work together to make Florida “The Cyber State.”

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