The CyberSecureFlorida training initiative stems from Florida Legislation HB5001, Section 2944B, which directs Cyber Florida “to conduct cybersecurity training for state and local government executive, managerial, technical, and general staff.” Every employee has a role to play in preventing cybercrime, and this effort aims to make Florida’s public sector workforce the most cyber-ready in the nation!


We will share an initial catalog of courses available through this program on this page beginning in May 2023. More courses will become available over the summer. These courses will be provided by Cyber Florida’s partners in the State University System of Florida and the Florida College System. Courses will be virtual, in-person, or hybrid, and offered at locations throughout the state to minimize travel for participants. Select the course that aligns with your organizational role and schedule, and you will be taken to our partner’s website to formally register for the course. When you complete the course, you will receive a digital badge for your records.


The course catalog will be available beginning in May 2023.

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These courses are free to any Florida-based public sector employee, including state, county, and municipal employees, elected officials, law enforcement personnel, public school teachers, and public college and university employees.

Yes, it’s really free! Florida is serious about cybersecurity, and the Florida Legislature provided funding for this initiative to help improve the cybersecurity posture of all Florida public entities. Most cyberattacks involve a human component—usually an employee who is tricked into clicking a malicious link or unwittingly sharing information that helps cybercriminals access an organization’s network. Training people is a crucial step in preventing cyberattacks.

Multiple courses will be offered in three categories: general staff, managerial and executive, and technical. Consider your work role within your organization to determine the appropriate category, then select the most convenient course for your location and schedule. Consult your supervisor for guidance if needed.

Participation in the CyberSecureFlorida training program is voluntary unless otherwise directed by your organizational leadership. We strongly encourage all public sector employees to take advantage of this unique opportunity as it is good for their resume, their organization, and the State of Florida.

Yes! Participants may take more than one course. Technical employees are encouraged to take multiple courses to maximize their skill set.