October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

On this page, you’ll find useful information, training resources, and interactive activities from the National Cybersecurity Alliance and Cybersecurity Infrastructure and Security Agency that will help you learn some best practices for staying safe online.

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Cyber survival guide

We all know that perils lurk in the dark corners of the web, and, even when you try to maintain good habits, you can encounter packs of cybercriminals. Use the following from the National Cybersecurity Alliance as a survival guide for when you think you downloaded a virus, when you suspect an online account has been hacked, or a cybercriminal is threatening to delete all your files.

word search & crossword

Who doesn’t love puzzles? Download the following word search and crossword from the National Cybersecurity Alliance to use as a fun
(and educational!) activity for employees, students, or community members.

download word search and answer key
download crossword and answer key


Check out these 8 videos from the National Cybersecurity Alliance Security Awareness Series! Topics include best practices
for public wifi,removable media, passwords, and more.