• Work burnout is an issue in every industry, but in the cybersecurity industry where there are constantly new problems to solve and fires to put out, it can be almost impossible to turn off your thoughts when the day […]

  • Lauren Zabierek is the co-founder of the #ShareTheMicInCyberCampaign and the Cybersecurity Project Executive Director at Harvard’s Belfer Center. In this episode, Lauren joins Tashya and Pam to talk about her inspiration for starting the social media campaign, and the […]

  • Imposter syndrome, or that feeling that you don’t belong, is present in every industry, and the cybersecurity industry is no exception. In this episode, Tashya and Pam discuss their experiences with imposter syndrome and the ways that they have […]

  • In this episode, we get to hear our hosts Tashya Denose, the Cyber Whisperer, and Pam Lindemoen, the Chief Information Security Officer Advisor at Cisco, meet in person for the first time and get to know each […]


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