IN 2020

of US organizations experienced a successful phishing attack
of US organizations faced social attacks such as an account takeover
of US organizations faced SMS/text ‘smishing’ attacks
of US organizations dealt with weaponized USB drives

Your Organization is a Target

Cybercriminals are targeting your organization as we speak, attempting to manipulate employees to gain access and, once breached, a successful response demands input from multiple functional areas: operations, finance, legal, public relations, HR. Many organizations have no workable plan to respond to or recover from a cyberattack—known as cyber resiliency—a dangerous oversight that can exponentially increase the damage an attack could inflict upon the financial and reputational health of an organization. As a senior leader, it’s YOUR responsibility to do something about it.

Too often, senior leaders relegate cybersecurity to their CIO, thinking it’s purely a technical matter they could never truly understand. That’s a misconception that costs U.S. businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

Every executive needs to learn enough about cybersecurity to be dangerous. You need to know and understand the risks and vulnerabilities (especially the non-technical ones!) of lax cybersecurity. You need to be able to ask your staff tough questions, understand the answers, and be able to use that knowledge to chart a cybersecurity strategy for your organization that minimizes. mitigates, and manages its cybersecurity risks.

Why Choose Cyber Florida?

  • No sales; just education. Cyber Florida is a state-funded organization, and we do not endorse or promote any commercial services or products.
  • Seasoned experts from both the public and private sectors. Our program leverages an extensive network of experienced leaders who know how to implement the policies and procedures that create a culture of cyber awareness, which can significantly reduce cyber risks.
  • A program designed for non-technical executives. Modules are non-technical, interactive discussions, and participants leave with actionable steps to immediately improve their organizational cyber posture and the tools to build a more cyber resilient operation.

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Delivery Method: A two-day, in-person working session that includes breakfast and lunch both days and a networking dinner reception on Day 1

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This two-day workshop is intended for senior, non-technical executives such as CEOs, COOs, CFOs, and CMOs to gain a better understanding of the role they play in supporting the cyber health of the organization and in responding to cyber incidents. Participants learn about the threats facing their organization, why it’s important to consider cybersecurity across the organization, and how to prepare a cyber incident response that maintains business operations and preserves the organization’s reputation.

Keynote Speaker: HON J. Michael “Mike” McConnell
Photo of Mike MicConnell

The Honorable J. Michael “Mike” McConnell, VADM, USN, Retired) is the Executive Director of Cyber Florida, bringing a depth of knowledge and experience acquired from decades of decorated service in the public and private sectors, focused on foreign and military intelligence as well as cybersecurity and information technology. During his tenure as a U.S. Navy intelligence officer from 1969 to 1996, he served as Director of Intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff during Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm and Director of the National Security Agency among other roles. From 1996 to 2007, he was Executive Vice President for the consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton before returning to public service as the nation’s second Director of U.S. National Intelligence under President George W. Bush, who awarded VADM McConnell the National Intelligence Medal, the highest honor for individuals supporting the U.S. intelligence mission. After concluding his career in public service, VADM McConnell served as Vice Chairman of Booz Allen Hamilton until being named Executive Director for the Florida Center for Cybersecurity in 2020.

Sample Agenda: Modules & Presenters

Cyber-First Principals & Addressing Threats – Rick Howard
Cyber Insurance and Its Impacts – Pam Lindemoen
Cyber Regulatory Laws – John E. Clabby
Building a Successful Cyber Governance Structure – Robert F. Brese
Understanding Cyber Risk & Cybersecurity Risk Management – Dan Holland
The Social Media Threat – Stacy Arruda
Partnering with CISA – Billy E. Sasser, Supervisory Protective Security Advisor, North Florida District
Partnering with the FBI – Special Agent Andrew Sekela
Panel: What Questions Should You Ask as a Leader – Serge Jorgensen
Tabletop Wargame: Cyber Storm Warnings – Dr. Ron Sanders

The Closing Wargame Exercise

The workshop concludes with a unique interactive executive wargame exercise where participants test their newfound understanding of cyber threats against a series of escalating incidents, each mirroring a real-world event. This eye-opening experience helps participants get a feel for how cyberattacks unfold and the complexities of how an attack can affect an organization. When should you contact law enforcement? What will you say to the media, your customers, and your vendors? The wargame exercise brings to light the many eventualities that the C-suite will face when a cyberattack or accidental data breach befalls their organization.


Cyber Florida’s executive education faculty is comprised of highly sought-after experts from both the public and private sectors. Each instructor is a distinguished leader in the field, bringing a wealth of specialized knowledge and personal experience to each module.

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