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We are happy to share events that may be of interest to the Florida cybersecurity community. To suggest an event for our Upcoming Events page, please complete and submit the form below. To serve our constituents responsibly and remain true to our mission, only events that fit the following criteria will be considered:

  • Relates to cybersecurity and held in Florida
  • Intended to inform, educate, train or promote networking/workforce development
  • A reasonable cost of attendance and open to a broad audience (no members-only events)
  • Does not endorse or denounce any specific commercial or retail product or service
  • Does not endorse or denounce any specific political candidate, party or affiliation
  • Does not conflict with a Cyber Florida event

Cyber Florida reserves the right not to share an event or to remove an event at our discretion.

Event Contact Information

The information below is for our contact purposes only and will not appear in the online listing.

Event Listing Information

Your event will be listed as entered below.
If any sponsors or cohosts should be mentioned, list them here.
For multi-day events such as conferences, please include the end date and time.
Please include a brief description of the event, its key speaker(s), and value to the audience. Include any costs associated with attendance and the registration URL.

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