Cyber Florida is proud to be a sponsor for CARVERCON, a conference focused on the CARVER Target Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment Methodology to be held on November 12 at the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee Campus. Cyber Florida Staff Director Dr. Ron Sanders joins other esteemed speakers Leo “Godfather of CARVER” Labaj; General Edward Leacock, Former Deputy J2 of USAFRICOM; and Keynote Speaker Mark Kelton, former Chief of the CIA Counterintelligence Center and Deputy Director of the National Clandestine Service.

This year’s topics include

  • How COVID-19 – and other bio-threats – could be weaponized
  • The ever-growing cyber threat
  • Emerging geopolitical enemies
  • How security professionals can stay ahead of threats
  • What’s next for the coming decade?

CARVERCON provides attendees with an opportunity to hear from a wide variety of critical infrastructure protection and vulnerability assessment subject matter experts. In the security industry, it is especially vital to stay on top of the latest and most detrimental threats that face our communities. CARVERCON addresses these concerns by looking at them head-on and provides attendees the opportunity to interact directly with industry-leading professionals.

The convention spotlights how the CARVER Target Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment Methodology is one of the most effective and comprehensive vulnerability assessment tools available and serves as a “red thread” for the day’s many discussions.

CARVERCON attendees leave the convention with a more developed understanding of challenges facing both public and private secure security professionals, as well as offers strategies on prevention and response.

Proceeds will benefit the USF Office of Veterans Success.

  • November 12
  • All day
  • USF Sarasota-Manatee/Online
  • $10-$50