The Cybersecurity and Information Technology Pathways (Cyber/IT Pathways) program is a joint endeavor of the Florida Department of Education and the Florida Center for Cybersecurity (Cyber Florida) to inspire and prepare more students to pursue fulfilling and lucrative careers in cybersecurity/information technology (IT) while helping address a national skills shortage in these areas. The State of Florida dedicated $20 million in non-recurring funding toward this effort. Projects were awarded funding based on a competitive proposal process that invited existing, successful programs that could use funding to scale up and benefit more students across the state to apply.

Although the program is now drawing to a close, Cyber Florid and the Florida Center for Instructional Technology at the University of South Florida are working to capture the knowledge built through this program. In the coming weeks, we will publish a series of online “playbooks” to empower teachers across the nation to implement similar initiatives.

Project Summary Posters