Cyber Florida Announces FLCyberCon 2019 Call for Speakers

Cyber Florida is pleased to announce that the Call for Speakers for FLCyberCon 2019 is now open! Experts, thought-leaders, and cyber specialists from all sectors are invited to submit proposals for breakout sessions, panel discussions, demonstrations, case studies, interactive sessions, and other unique learning opportunities. Visit the Call for Speakers page or FLCyberCon.com. Submission deadline is April 26, 2019.

High-school women: @USouthFlorida will host a week-long cybersecurity camp for young women in grades 9 through 12 from June 17 to June 21. Materials & lunches are included, and scholarships are available. Learn more and register: https://t.co/roZq6xW1W7 https://t.co/uuy8iDYPI8 CyberSecurityFL photo

Cyber Florida is pleased to announce General Paul M. Nakasone, United States Army; Commander, United States Cyber Command; Director, National Security Agency/Chief, Central Security Service, will be the Keynote Speaker at #FLCyberCon 2019! Register at https://t.co/XQsrSUWc3u https://t.co/ytawiXYOAE CyberSecurityFL photo

Cyber Florida partnered with AFCEA and SOFWERX to host a CTF event for high school students. Students competed in Cyber Florida’s Proving Grounds CTF environment to win a team trophy and individual prizes. https://t.co/2LyXN2Xp3j CyberSecurityFL photo
Cyber Florida is now accepting applications for the next iteration of the New Skills for a New Fight Program.

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