WELCOME to the new face of the Florida Center for Cybersecurity: Cyber Florida. The center has grown significantly since its founding in 2014, and with many exciting new initiatives in the works, we felt the time was right to reintroduce ourselves with a new nickname and new look that better reflects who we are and what we do. While we will always be the Florida Center for Cybersecurity, we are bidding farewell to the “FC2” shorthand in favor of “Cyber Florida,” which quickly and clearly communicates our mission to make Florida the leading Cyber State.



4 days ago
We're excited to announce a new pre-conference workshop for small and medium-sized businesses at #FLCyberCon! CyberSecure My Business 2018 will be offered October 10 from 2 to 4 pm, included with conference registration. Learn more at https://t.co/fmiuKrlMjd. https://t.co/J1hYkIXrEX CyberSecurityFL photo
2 weeks ago
Ransomware attack forces Alaska suburb to revert to typewriters, rebuild email from scratch

https://t.co/FQKknOz886 https://t.co/7uRQyg24JN
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