• Louis Nyffenegger – a security engineer and budding surfer who took PentesterLab from side hustle to global success

    Louis Nyffenegger is the founder and CEO of PentesterLab. On this episode of No Password Required, Louis shares how he built his penetration-testing training company, why empathy is crucial to application security, and what can be learned [...]

  • Joey deVilla – a developer advocate with Auth0 and an “Accordion Guy” with rockstar aspirations

    Joey deVilla is a Senior R&D Content Engineer at Auth-Zero, a division of Okta. After hours, Joey is known as the Accordion Guy and spends his time playing music and sharing his nerdy takes on his two personal blogs. In this […]

  • General (Ret.) Frank McKenzie — former Commander, U.S. Central Command, Executive Director of Cyber Florida and an appreciator of battlefield beef enchiladas

    General (Ret.) Frank McKenzie is the Executive Director of the Global and National Security Institute at the University of South Florida and the Executive Director of Cyber Florida. In April 2022, General McKenzie retired from the Marine Corps after completing over […]

  • Andy Sekela – An FBI Special Agent’s Journey from Submarines to Anti-Corruption to Cybersecurity

    Andy Sekela is the Private Sector Coordinator for the FBI Tampa Division, who may just be on a mission to have the world’s coolest resumé. In this episode, Andy joins the No Password Required team to talk about his […]

  • Hannah Sutor – a Senior Product Manager at GitLab with an Instagram alter ego that puts her in privacy superhero territory

    Hannah Sutor is the Senior Product Manager at GitLab and Digital Privacy Advocate at The Privacy Chick. Hannah joins the No Password Required team to talk about how she discovered privacy and cybersecurity in college, what she expects for the future […]

  • Charles Shirer – the custom t-shirt wearing CEO who went from Nintendo to Network Security

    Charles Shirer is the Chief Executive Officer of GlobalWave Consulting, an IT and cybersecurity consultancy. Known as the @bsdbandit to his 20,000+ Twitter followers, Charles is often considered the most positive person in cybersecurity (and for good reason!). In this episode, […]

  • Kayley Melton – the Bob Ross of infosec, whose secretive job at KnowBe4 solves cybersecurity’s most-urgent issues with creativity

    Kayley Melton is the Vice President of Security Awareness Company Courseware and Labs at KnowBe4. Although she can’t share too much about what the “labs” portion of her job entails, let’s face it, the secrecy makes her even cooler. Kayley joins […]

  • Serge Jorgensen – the sailing CTO of Sylint Group who routinely defends against nation-state attacks on critical infrastructure

    Serge Jorgensen is a founding partner and CTO at Sylint Group, where he provides response and remediation guidance on international espionage incidents, cyber-security attacks, and counter cyber-warfare. An engineer by training, he has a bias for action over theory. In this […]

  • Tashya Denose (aka the Cyber Whisperer) – Senior Manager of Cybersecurity Analysis at Capital One and a builder of the most rad relationships in cyber

    Tashya Denose is a Senior Manager of Cybersecurity Analysis at Capital One and the Director of Brand & Marketing at Black Girls in Cyber. In this episode, Tashya joins the No Password Required team to discuss her passion for making everyone […]

  • Episode 25: Vice Admiral Mike McConnell – the former NSA director, an elite storyteller whose life resembles a Grisham novel, and an appreciator of formaldehyde-free beer

    Vice Admiral Mike McConnell is the former director of the National Security Agency (NSA) and the current Executive Director of Cyber Florida. In this two-part episode, VADM McConnell stuns the No Password Required team to silence with stories of his life, […]

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