“My course was lab-based, and the Florida CyberHub team was wonderful to work with. They provided the training to set up and deploy my course, ensured the required software was up and running, and provided student support for the platform, software, and any other issues, freeing me to focus on delivering the curriculum.”

Dr. Kanwalinderjit Gagneja, Florida Polytechnic University


CyberHub FAQs

Do I need permission from my IT department to use the Florida CyberHub?

If you are an SUS faculty member, you do not need to contact your IT department. Cyber Florida has already secured permission from the chief IT officer at each SUS institution. If you are a public school teacher conducting a Cybersecurity Essentials course, Cyber Florida has already obtained permission from your district to use the Florida CyberHub and is ensuring that its use aligns appropriately with district policies.

If I use the CyberHub for my course, will I retain sole ownership of the content I provide?

Yes, faculty members retain full ownership of all content they provide, and coursework is only accessible to students enrolled in the course. Faculty members may choose to make their curricula available to others, but that is at the discretion and direction of each faculty member.