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Cyber Florida to Host NCAE Cyber Games Finals

Cyber Florida at the University of South Florida is proud to host the national championship round of the NCAE Cyber Games on April 22 on the University of South Florida-Tampa campus.

Funded by a grant from the National Security Agency’s National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity (NCAE-C) program, NCAE Cyber Games is dedicated to inspiring college students to enter the exciting (and sometimes profitable!) realm of cyber competitions. Cyber competitions are a valuable addition to any college student’s resume, but they can be intimidating for first-timers. NCAE Cyber Games is creating a new style of collegiate cybersecurity competition for college students who have never competed before, where they can learn about cyber competitions in an environment focused on teamwork, building confidence, and growing their skills.

Now in its second year, the program has grown from about 500 competitors from 50 colleges and universities to 700+ competitors from more than 80 colleges and universities out of approximately 350 NCAE-C institutions.

Cyber Florida will host roughly 12o competitors from 11 regional winning teams to face off in a day-long competition to determine the Year 2 National Champions! The University of South Florida eSports crew will broadcast live the second half of the day on

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Cybersecurity Spring Symposium 2023

Join us for a symposium hosted by Palm Beach State College (PBSC) in partnership with the School District of Palm Beach County (SDPBC) to bring together academic researchers, student ethical hackers, industry practitioners and professionals to engage in information sharing to examine the latest cyber-defense techniques and emerging cybercrime threats. The symposium will serve as a foundation for making cybersecurity connections, information exchange, and problem-solving as students and industry professionals—work together to form alliances for a stronger and more prepared cybersecurity workforce to address the demands of a constantly evolving cyber threat landscape.

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2023 Government Innovation Florida

Public Sector Network invites you to join the conversation at Government Innovation Florida. This one-day, in-person event will provide the ideal meeting place to learn, collaborate, and discuss current trends and innovations being advanced by public sector leaders across the Sunshine state. With Tracks dedicated to Digital/CX, Data & Technology – this event will offer inspiring cases of innovation from leaders representing a cross-section of State & Local departments and agencies – and underpinned by transformative efforts intended to offer attendees the opportunity to reframe their understanding of innovation for the year to come.

Cyber Florida’s own Deputy Senior Executive Advisor Emilio F. Salabarria will be presenting Innovation in Practice: Cyber Secure Florida Initiative.

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Hack Space Con ’23

Hack Space Con ’23 is a cybersecurity, infosec, space, aero defense hacker, technology, and science conference. This conference offers both free training workshops and 2-day professional training courses.

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Join us at the 11th annual STEMapalooza! Enjoy interactive activities while discovering new topics within science, technology, engineering, and math.

Every year, STEMapalooza brings the world of innovators to life, featuring workshops, exhibits, panel presentations with women in STEM, hands-on activities, giveaways and more!

Registration deadline is April 9, 2023 at 11:59 pm.

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BSides Tampa X 2023

BSides Tampa is an Information Technology Security Conference sponsored by the Tampa Bay Chapter of (ISC)². They are a 100% volunteer-organized event, put on by and for the community. The purpose of BSides Tampa is to provide an open platform for Information Security industry professionals and enthusiasts to collaborate, exchange ideas, and develop
long-standing relationships
with others in the community.

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Crypto Café at Florida Atlantic University

Join the FAU Department of Mathematics for Crypto Café – a lecture series on topics in mathematics and computer science related to Cryptography and information security.

Upcoming Presentations

Succinct Vector, Polynomial, and Functional Commitments from Lattices

March 27, 2023, 11:00 am
Speaker: David J. Wu (The University of Texas at Austin)
Abstract: TBA

Fast Practical Lattice Reduction through Iterated Compression

April 24, 2023, 11:00 a.m.

Speaker: Ryan Keegan (University of California, San Diego).
Keegan Ryan is a 4th year PhD student advised by Prof. Nadia Heninger at the University of California, San Diego. His research interests include practical cryptanalysis of real-world systems, particularly problems involving lattice reduction.

Abstract: We introduce a new lattice basis reduction algorithm with approximation guarantees analogous to the LLL algorithm and practical performance that far exceeds the current state of the art. We achieve these results by iteratively applying precision management techniques within a recursive algorithm structure and show the stability of this approach. We analyze the asymptotic behavior of our algorithm, and show that the heuristic running time is O(nω(C+n)1+ε) for lattices of dimension n, ω∈ (2,3] bounding the cost of size reduction, matrix multiplication, and QR factorization, and C bounding the log of the condition number of the input basis B. This yields a running time of O(nω(p + n)1+ε) for precision p=O(log|B|max) in common applications. Our algorithm is fully practical, and we have published our implementation. We experimentally validate our heuristic, give extensive benchmarks against numerous classes of cryptographic lattices, and show that our algorithm significantly outperforms existing implementations.

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An Introduction to Suricata: Cyber Threat Hunters Open Source Network Monitoring Tool

Suricata is a high performance, open source network analysis and threat detection software used by many private and public organizations, and embedded in major vendor solutions, to protect enterprise assets.


  • Kelley Misata, Ph.D. – Outgoing President and Executive Director, Open Information Security Foundation
  • Juliana Fajardini Software Developer, Open Information Security Foundation

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Risky Business – A Free Risk Compliance Webinar

Join Cybersecuity Manager for the City of Lakeland Tim Emmons on Tuesday, 2/28 at 6:00 EST for a FREE risk compliance webinar!

This webinar welcomes students and attendees of all-ages who wish to do a deep dive into risk compliance and some risky business.

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Protecting Children In The Digital Age

2023-03-28T09:48:28-04:00January 25, 2023|