Sharing Cyber Event Information: Observe, Act, Report

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Working from Home Cybersecurity Checklist

Over the past year and half, many organizations have transitioned to remote work. While remote work has many benefits for both employees and employers, it poses specific problems for organizational cybersecurity by introducing a host of new potential points of entry for cybercriminals in the form of personal devices and home internet service. Working from Home Cybersecurity Checklist, provided by Cyber Florida community partner Scarlett Cybersecurity, offers guidance to help ensure that your remote staff are implementing good cybersecurity practices and doing their part to protect the organization from cybercrime.



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Cybersecurity for Local Government

Cybercriminals frequently target municipal and county government organizations knowing they have limited resources for cybersecurity, but a wealth of data. Government organizations also often provide critical public services that, should they go offline, create chaos and a sense of urgency that cybercriminals can leverage for payment. This non-technical, easy-to-read guide is intended for public service managers to better understand how to plan for, prevent, and mitigate cyberattacks.

The guide reviews a number of common threats facing municipal and county government organizations, school districts, and law enforcement agencies (with real-world examples) and some affordable, easy-to-implement best practices that can help significantly reduce organizational cyber threat risk.


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Guide to Ransomware Prevention

Ransomware is a critical threat to all organizations, causing hundreds of millions of dollars to US businesses each year in payments, downtime, recovery, and reputational damage. The guide offers some best practices to help organizations prevent and prepare to recover from a ransomware attack.

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Cyber Defense for Small Businesses

Feeling overwhelmed by cybersecurity? Start here! This non-technical, easy-to-read guide reviews a number of common threats facing small businesses (with real-world examples) and some affordable, easy-to-implement best practices that can help small organizations significantly reduce their cyber threat risk. Small organizations are targeted by cybercriminals that assume they don’t have proper protections in place. Creating a culture of cyber awareness for your businesses can go a long way toward mitigating that threat.


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